Friday, May 30, 2008

Delayed in LA

Hi folks....I was supposed to be back in Iowa with you by now. But I am delayed here in Los Angeles.

Kristin told me earlier this week that we might have to stay longer. That's because it was taking longer to make the radio program than she originally thought. Well she was right, it did take longer. One whole day longer to make the show. But here's the good news. It is Friday night and "Brazil Rising" is DONE! Yay! Here I am with the "master CD" (that's the first CD made of the program).

Don't tell Kristin, but I was happy to be delayed another day here in LA. I LOVE riding around in my special spot in the convertible (even if it is just to Rima's house and back to the hotel). Plus, it gave me more time to play with Willa. Guess what? I got her to sit, lay down, and roll over for me! Don't believe me?

Here's Willa right after I told her to "sit."

Here's Willa right after I told her to lie "down."

And here's Willa when I told her to "roll over."

How cool is that?! The best part is that I got to give Willa a treat after she did her tricks for me. Here I am with her treat jar.

It took a lot of practice.....but it was awesome when I finally got Willa to do her tricks for me. See how few treats there are in the jar. :) Actually, I had to have Kristin help me give Willa her treats. I was afraid Willa might eat me otherwise since I am so small!

Rima must really like me. Can you tell why?

Look closer by Rima's computer monitors. It's my business card! :)

Late this afternoon, while Rima's computer was transferring files to Kristin's computer drive, Kristin and Rima took me to the See's candy factory. YUM!

Rima says See's is famous here in California. I had no idea! The factory wasn't giving tours. :( But I did get to pick out a box for Aunt Lynn. I sure hope she shares some with me.

Kristin says I need to pack my things now. Our flight leaves at 6:00 AM tomorrow. Man...that's early! But I guess that means I will be home early tomorrow. See you soon.

Bye for now!