Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Now on Twitter!

Guess what? I am now on Twitter!

How cool is that? Don't know what Twitter is? It is an online "mini-blog" that allows people to post short updates from their phone! Each update is called a "tweet."

It might sound funny, but Twitter is really cool. Kristin has even helped me link Twitter to this blog. Check out the right hand column...right under the "hit counter." There's a section called "Twitter Updates."

Kristin and I have tested the new you can see a few posts now. Kristin says this will help me keep you updated when I am on a big trip with her and she doesn't have time to give me on the computer. Basically, the Twitter updates will tell you what I am up to (when Kristin's phone has data service) and then you will know what to expect to see on the blog a few days later.

This is all very new, but I think it is worth the try. Kristin feels bad when she can't give me her computer to update you every night when I am on a trip with her. Maybe Twitter will help fill in the gaps.

That's all for now....enjoy!