Friday, March 28, 2008

My Next Adventure....Brazil!

Hi everyone! I am SO excited. I am getting ready for another grand adventure.

My friends Keith and Kristin are going to Brazil to make another radio program and they've invited me along. How cool is that? See if you can find Brazil on the map.

I've known about the trip to Brazil since Sunday. The Easter Bunny left plane tickets at Kristin's house. But Kristin asked me to keep it a secret until her visa was approved. (Kristin told me it was NOT easy to get her visa and the special permission I need to travel). is really hard to keep a secret this long!

Kristin and Keith's visas arrived yesterday. Whew...that was close! We are leaving tomorrow! Here I am making sure my special place in Kristin's bag is ready for the trip.

Well I guess I had better get back to packing. Kristin says we are driving to Chicago and will fly from there to a city in Brazil named Sao Paulo. And guess what? We don't have to change planes! It is a direct flight. I know Keith and Kristin will be busy working in Brazil (and that means Kristin's computer will be busy), so I will update you when I can.

Bye for now!