Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big News! My Next Adventure Begins Tomorrow

Hi everyone! I am SO excited. My friend Kristin called me a few days ago and asked me if I wanted to join her on another great adventure. Of course I said yes!

This time Kristin is going to Kosovo. See if you can find it on the map.

Kristin is going with a whole group of people as part of the Muscatine-Kosovo Project. Kristin says 37 people are going on the trip. Half are youth members of the Muscatine Children's and Youth Choirs. My friend Keith and his three children are also going. Cool!

Why Kosovo? Kristin reminded me that is where my friend Liz works with children affected by the 1999 war. At first I couldn't remember Liz...I have met so many friends with Kristin....but then she reminded me that I met Liz in Washington, DC a few years ago. And I met 12 Kosovar youth in Liz's program at O'Hare airport in Chicago two years ago. Now I remember!

Kristin says this is a "working" vacation. She says the choirs will be singing but everyone in the group will also be holding art classes, conducting eye and health clinics, and lots of other activities for children in a town called Gjakove.

Kristin is bringing a lot of gifts for the kids. I helped her did her rabbit, Jackson Harering.

Kristin says she is keeping a blog for the group and will be writing articles for the Muscatine Journal. Cool! But that also means I may not do as many updates on this trip (it is a vacation after all!). But be sure to check my blog occasionally for updates..and don't forget the Twitter section. Kristin says I can do Twitter updates as long as her cell phone is working correctly in Kosovo.

The trip blog address is

We are leaving Muscatine at 8:30am Sunday morning and driving to Chicago. Kristin says we will fly from Chicago to a place called Vienna, Austria. We will change planes and fly to Pristina, Kosovo's capital.

I'll keep you updated when I can. Until then....bye!