Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Greetings from The Woodlands, Texas!

Hi everyone! We have arrived at our final destination, The Woodlands!

This is where Kristin's parents are going to live now. They are very excited. Yesterday they drove me and Kristin around the area where they are going to live. It is very nice. Kristin says The Woodlands is a "planned community." That means shopping areas can only be in certain places within the city. Who knew?

Kristin's parents don't officially move into their new house until next week. So I only got to see the outside. Here it is:

It sure looks nice, doesn't it? Kristin says if I am lucky I will get to come back later this year and see the inside. I promised Kristin I would be VERY good. I love Texas and I want to come back.

So this marks the end of my latest adventure to Texas. Kristin and I are flying back to Iowa today (yes...I got to go through the x-ray scanner again. I LOVE going through the scanner!).

Until next time....bye!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Greetings from Texas

Hi everyone! I am writing to you from the great state of Texas. I have been here several times and I know Kristin is excited to be back in Texas.

Today was a LONG day in the car. It took EIGHT hours to get from Olathe (where we stayed last night) to Gainsville (where we are staying tonight). We started at at 6:20AM and ended late this afternoon.

Whew! That's more than 450 miles! Now I am glad Kristin got me a toy and a game yesterday. It really helped to pass the time in the car. But I also spent time looking out the window. In Kansas I saw a HUGE field of yellow flowers. Kristin told me they were sunflowers. She also told me that Kansas is known as "The Sunflower State." I had no idea!

Today we also drove through Oklahoma. I was really excited when we arrived at the first stop in Oklahoma. I've never been in now I can cross it off my list of states I still need to visit. :)

Here I am with Kristin's dad at our first stop in Oklahoma.

Gainsville, where we are staying tonight, is along the Oklahoma - Texas border. Tomorrow Kristin says we will reach our final destination, The Woodlands, Texas. It rained for much of the afternoon and I know Kristin is tired. So I am going to quietly play tonight and let her sleep.

Until next time....bye!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Greetings from Kansas!

Hi everyone. I am writing to you from Olathe, Kansas. See if you can find it on the map.

I am in Kansas with my friend Kristin and her parents (Campbell and Lynda). Her parents are retiring to Texas and are moving from Madison, Wisconsin to a place called The Woodlands (just north of Houston). See if you can find The Woodlands on a map.

Kristin is driving her Mom's car to Texas and they said I could come along for the ride. Awesome! I've never been in Kansas before.

Kristin warned me the trip might be a bit boring because our goal is to get to The Woodlands by Tuesday night (July 28). So Kristin says we will not be stopping very often. I told her that's OK. I don't mind watching the cars go by along the highway.

But Kristin did get me a game and a stuffed bear to play with in the car and to remind me of my drive through Kansas. Thanks Kristin!

The bear even zips up into a football. How cool is that?

That's all for now. Kristin says we need to head to bed soon because we have to be on the road VERY early tomorrow morning.

Bye for now....

Guess Who Visited Me in Muscatine?!

Hi everyone. I have VERY exciting news.

My friend Kristin called me this week and told me that one of my friends from New York City was going to be in Muscatine to visit me. Hmm....I have met many people in New York City. So I had no idea who was coming to visit. And of course, Kristin kept it a surprise until I arrived at her house.

So you can imagine my shock when I saw who was staying with Kristin. It was my old friend Mr. B (David Brancaccio)! You might remember Mr. B. worked with Kristin and my friend Keith on some radio programs. He is now the host of a television news program called "NOW" on public television. Here I am with Mr. B and Mrs. B (Mary) at Kristin's house.

I was so excited to see Mr. B that I almost forgot to ask him why he was in Muscatine. I never imagined I would see him in Iowa. It turns out that Mr. B rode in RAGBRAI (the big bike ride across Iowa) last week. His wife Mary was attending a workshop for writer's in Iowa City. Cool!

Thanks Mr. B for stopping by Muscatine and saying hello! Maybe I will get to visit you in New York again some day soon.

Until next time....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm Back!

Hi everyone! It has been awhile since I've updated you. Well that's because I haven't been out on the road. But I have some exciting news to report.

First, my alter-ego Michael spent all day helping my friend Kristin at the Muscatine Art Center's annual Ice Cream Social. Michael even wore a hat with flowers...and here is the picture to prove it.

How awesome is that photo?!

But the best news is that my friend Kristin has a new job. She isn't working in radio anymore. She says the bad economy has left many journalists looking for new work. I'm sad Kristin isn't working in radio (and I know she is sad too). We had so many fun adventures.

But, Kristin says her new job will take her to many places in Iowa. At first I wasn't sure traveling around Iowa would be all that much fun. But then I realized I have been all around the world but I don't know much about the state I live in! So, Kristin promises to take me on a few trips with her as she travels around the state. Cool!

That's all for now. I hope you are having a great summer!