Sunday, July 26, 2009

Guess Who Visited Me in Muscatine?!

Hi everyone. I have VERY exciting news.

My friend Kristin called me this week and told me that one of my friends from New York City was going to be in Muscatine to visit me. Hmm....I have met many people in New York City. So I had no idea who was coming to visit. And of course, Kristin kept it a surprise until I arrived at her house.

So you can imagine my shock when I saw who was staying with Kristin. It was my old friend Mr. B (David Brancaccio)! You might remember Mr. B. worked with Kristin and my friend Keith on some radio programs. He is now the host of a television news program called "NOW" on public television. Here I am with Mr. B and Mrs. B (Mary) at Kristin's house.

I was so excited to see Mr. B that I almost forgot to ask him why he was in Muscatine. I never imagined I would see him in Iowa. It turns out that Mr. B rode in RAGBRAI (the big bike ride across Iowa) last week. His wife Mary was attending a workshop for writer's in Iowa City. Cool!

Thanks Mr. B for stopping by Muscatine and saying hello! Maybe I will get to visit you in New York again some day soon.

Until next time....