Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Officially Off-the-Record

Hi everyone. I hope all is well. I am tired, but I'm learning a lot about Korea.

For the past two days, Kristin and her journalist friends have been attending meetings with very important people. They visited the United States Ambassador to South Korea on Monday morning. His name is Alexander Vershbow. Ambassador Vershbow and his wife also hosted Kristin's group for dinner on Monday night at his home here in Seoul. His house, which is the official residence for the American ambassador, is very nice. The house is in downtown Seoul and it looks like some of the wooden houses and temples I have seen on my other visits to Asia. Kristin couldn't take pictures for security reasons, so you are going to have to trust me on this!

I wish I could tell you more about the meetings Kristin and her friends have attended since we arrived in Seoul, but I can't. Kristin says that's because the meetings are something called, "off-the-record." She says this means that she and the other journalists can't quote the people they meet. Kristin says in some ways "off-the-record" is like keeping a BIG secret. It is SO hard to keep secrets! But Kristin says she and the other journalists will be in BIG trouble if I give you specific details of the "off-the-record" meetings. I don't want Kristin to get into trouble, so I won't tell you what I heard (but I can tell you that most of the people were talking about politics...and politics is always very confusing to me!).

Kristin says this week we are going to have more special and "off-the-record" meetings. I'll keep you posted when I can, but Kristin says I may not have time to work on the computer for another couple of days.

Until next time....